Project Life Saver

Project Lifesaver is a vital service that RTAAF supports. We are excited to be sponsoring this community resource, along with the Rochester Police Department and the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office.  Applications for enrollment in Project Lifesaver can now be completed and submitted for approval by RTAAF and the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and Rochester Police Department. (See application Link below)

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How does Project Lifesaver work?

By forming a partnerships with the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and Rochester Police Department, RTAAF and Project Lifesaver deploys specially trained teams with the most reliable technology available to quickly locate and return wandering adults and children to their families and caregivers.  

Project Lifesaver relies on proven radio technology and a specially trained search and rescue team of the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and Rochester Police Department. Applicants who are enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program wear a personalized wristband that emits a unique tracking signal. When caregivers call 911 and state that the applicant is a member of the Project Lifesaver program and that the applicant is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the wanderer's last known area and starts searching with the mobile locater tracking system. Search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes  

Worldwide there have been over 2869 searches over the last 15 years with no serious injuries or fatalities ever reported! Recovery times average less than 30 minutes.

Project Lifesaver teams are specially trained, not only in search and rescue and the use of the electronic tracking equipment, but also in the methods necessary to communicate with a person who has Autism or a related disorder. Locating the individual is only part of the mission. The person who is located will be disoriented, anxious, and untrusting. The Project Lifesaver team knows how to approach the individual, gain their trust and put them at ease for the trip home.   

Project Lifesaver News 

Olmsted County [Minnesota] Project Lifesaver Team took 1st Place in the Team Search Competition at the 2013 PROJECT LIFESAVER INTERNATIONAL Annual Conference. GREAT TEAM EFFORT EVERYONE! This program continues to grow and be enhanced thanks to the hard work of everyone involved and your generous support of RTAAF!

Watch this story about a local family helped by Project Lifesaver: 


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The diagnosis of Autism is an emotional one for families, and the RT Autism Awareness Foundation wants individuals and families to recognize that they are not without help.