RTAAF understands that no single individual or organization can do the work of making our community a better place for people with autism.  That's why we seek to be an organization that unites the many sectors of the community that work with and have a connection to autism.   RTAAF convenes a faciltiates the Southeastern Minnesota Autism Alliance, which pulls together a wide variety of organizations in the Rochester area that serve people who are on the autism spectrum.   The Autism Alliance meets several times throughout the year and gives representatives of local organizations a chance to learn what other resources are available in the community, and what needs are still not being addressed.   By working together, we can all make a greater impact than we would working on our own.  

Our annual Gala for Autism Awareness is also an excellent opportunity to unite the local business community, public officials, law enforcement, advocates, health providers, educators, local media and families--- all with the aim of improving the lives of people who are impacted by autism.   Families dealing with day to day parenting challenges, and people with autism who seek greater indpendence and quality of life, can all look to a brighter future when the rest of our community comes together and makes a commitment to supporting them.  

Skydiving for autism

On June 22nd of this year, RTAAF along with Westside Skydivers hosted The Sky is the Limit 2014 our 4th annual skydiving event. Watch KAAL’s story on how we worked to bring our community together to support those dealing with autism!

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Best in America - Independent CharityThe RT (Reece Trahan) Autism Awareness Foundation is an organization dedicated to making people aware of Autism and the effects it has on individuals and their families.

The diagnosis of Autism is an emotional one for families, and the RT Autism Awareness Foundation wants individuals and families to recognize that they are not without help.