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By bringing resources to the community to further the understanding of autism and what it means to those impacted. The truth is almost everyone in our community is affected in some way. Our role here should be to teach compassion, acceptance and understanding. And maybe even most important to educate the families of people with autism as to how to deal with the new reality they will face, be the resource they can turn to for help.

Temple Grandin Visits Rochester

In May of this year, RTAAF was the lead sponsor for Temple Grandin’s visit to Rochester. Proceeds from this event went to benefit autism related programs at the Rochester School District.

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Best in America - Independent CharityThe RT (Reece Trahan) Autism Awareness Foundation is an organization dedicated to making people aware of Autism and the effects it has on individuals and their families.

The diagnosis of Autism is an emotional one for families, and the RT Autism Awareness Foundation wants individuals and families to recognize that they are not without help.